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We prefer to receive international bank transfers in our Netherlands bank account.

These transfers are easier to trace in case of problems, increasing your and our security.


Bank Payments to our Netherlands bank account:

For bank transfers to our Netherlands bank account different banks ask for different information.

We supply all information here:

Within the Netherlands customers only need our bank account number and name / address information.

We use a partner's account with the dutch 'ABN Amro' Bank.

Our Payment Partner:  Stg. Business Support Asia

IBAN Account Number: NL50 ABNA 0441 4264 84
In name of 'Business Support Asia'  in The Hague
logo abn amro


Our Netherlands Banking Address Information:

Stichting Business Support Asia
Company Name
Kalhuisplaats 60
Address / House number
2586JR  The Hague Postal Code / City
The Netherlands Country


Within the EEU (European Economic Union) customers would also need the BIC and IBAN numbers:

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) of the ABN Amro bank is:
IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of our account is: NL50 ABNA 0441 4264 84
  ( NL50ABNA0441426484 )

Swift code or Swift address are old terms for the BIC. If asked for, just use ABNANL2A


From outside the EEU customers might need the address of our bank.
For international transfers the bank advises us to use the following address:

ABN Amro Bank N.V. Bank Name
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10 Address / House number
1082PP Amsterdam Postal Code / City
The Netherlands Country