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Our office is open from monday till friday, starting at 10:00 and closing at 18:00 hours.
The helpdesk can be contacted 24/7 by direct email, through our ticketing system or by using the contact form below.

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Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Jorpati - 2, near Baral petrol pump

Postal Address
Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
G.P.O. Box 23316
Kathmandu  44600

Office:+977 1 491 0010
+977 1 620 3678
VoIP:+31 70 250 0654
Fax:+31 87 784 7139


Please know we live on Nepal time. Our dutch phonenumbers are answered from Nepal.
The timezone here is known as NPT and runs +5:45 from UTC.

In summer it is 3:45 later here then in Europe (CET+1DST, +02:00 from UTC)
and in winter it is 4:45 hours later here then in Europe (CET, +01:00 from UTC).

In summer 08:00 in Europe is 11:45 in Nepal, and 17:00 in Europe is 20:45 in Nepal.
In winter 08:00 in Europe is 12:45 in Nepal, and 17:00 is Europe is 21:45 in Nepal.

We close our office at 18:00 Nepal time.
So in summer at 14:15 European time and in winter at 13:15 European time.
But, if you are on European time, you can call us as early as 06:15 in the summer
or 05:15 in the winter, and expect us to answer the phone chearfully.

Office Location