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Network / System Administrator (freelance)
Job Posting:

NPN is looking for an Experienced Unix / CentOS System Administrator (Jorpati, Kathmandu)

Company: Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Jorpati-2, Kathmandu

Title: Experienced Web Developer

Position Type: Freelance


We're looking for a freelance Network / System Administrator who can help us setting up a VPN between a CentOS 7 server in our office and a CentOS 7 server installed on a VPS somewhere on the Internet.

We would like to have this set up, using OpenVPN. We use IPtables on the servers as Firewall software.

Our prefered solution would offer a tunnel between the Office server and the Internet VPS, where we would route certain destinations over the Office server its IP address, which would pick up this traffic, forward it over the tunnel to the VPS, where it would be NATed to the VPS IP address, and forwarded onto the Internet.

We need help in setting this up.
Afterwards we can (probably) maintain this ourselves.

Required Technical Skills
  • In depth knowledge of CentOS
  • Experience with OpenVPN
  • Experience with IPtables firewalls
If you don't have these skills, with proven experience, then please don't apply for this job.

Requested information
  • Your quoted price for this task
  • Time frame for finishing this task
  • References for your works as a Unix (CentOS) system (or network) administrator
  • Your contact information

  • Payment of your quoted price on completion of the job
  • Option for similar (System Management) tasks in the future

This job offer is for a single task only. FREELANCERS are asked for. It is NOT any offer for a Full-Time Position !!