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VPN Installations

VPN representationWill you be working, over the Internet, on a remote network for a foreign company? Are you planning to use the Internet for accessing commercial or otherwise sensitive information? Would you like to be able to transmit real-time financial transactions over unsecured networks in a secure fashion?

Then you need the added security of a Virtual Private Network which is securely configured to protect your data streams with military grade authentication and encryption.

A VPN connection is established by means of secure communication paths which are called ‘tunnels’. Each tunnel has two ends, one on either side, or one in each of the two separate networks. All the traffic from site A to site B must go through this tunnel. All the traffic between the ends of the tunnels is encrypted in turn, so that the data transfer is secure.

Were you told that it is not possible to set a VPN up between your network and your customers network, or between your main office and your branch office, just because you cannot get a fixed IP address? Just because you connect to the Internet over an ADSL or Cable modem link?

VPN Tunneling


Not true. We can set you up with your private VPN, inter-connecting office locations at the network level, even if one, both or multiple locations receive new dynamic IP addresses every time they re-establish an internet connection.