Nepal Bank Info

NPN has its Bank Accounts both local in Nepal and international in the Netherlands.

We prefer to receive international bank transfers in our Netherlands bank account.

All prices on our website and on the invoices are in Euro Currency. We allow our Nepali Customers to pay all bills in Nepali Currency. To calculate the due amount in Nepali Rupees from the Euro amount, please use the Currency Converter above. Due to constantly changing currency exchange rates it is possible you get slightly different Nepali Rupee amounts every time you use the Currency Converter. Please check the NPR amount on the day you make payment. If the amount is not too far off from when we check after you confirm payment by email, then we will accept the difference.

From our Nepali customers who want to pay by direct bank deposit, we ask that they go to the nearest branch office of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. for making the deposit.

(Please click here for an overview of the NIBL branch network)

Please make sure you include your invoice number on the 'Cash Receipt' deposit slip in the 'Received From' box as shown below. We need this number for connecting the deposit to your online account, and without this number we can only connect these after a long delay and lots of questions and answers to and from you. Please make sure the bank assistant includes the invoice number when entering the deposit into the computer.

Here below is an example of the Cash Receipt deposit slip as you will find it in your local NIBL branch office.

NIBL Cash Receipt

Please follow this process:

  1. Put the branch name of the bank from where you depositing the amount

  2. Fill the Date

  3. In the 'Received From' Box, please fill out your personal or entity name, explicitly with your invoice number (COMPULSORY) as shown on the example above

  4. In the 'Beneficiary' Box, please provide our banking information

  5. Then SUBMIT to Bank Assistant and make sure the invoice number is entered into the computer by the Bank Assistant

  6. Finally, email us that you have made the payment deposit. Deposits are visible to us immediately after completion, so when you email us, we can activate your account as soon as we receive your email.

Alternatively, if you have an account with NIBL yourself, and you have access to e-banking, you can transfer the due amount directly into our account using the 'third party transfer' option. Please make sure you include the invoice number in the description field. After doing so, please email us that you have completed the payment, so that we can activate your account as soon as possible.

Banking Information:
Nepal Investment Bank
Branch Office:
Account Number:
012 010 200 151 46
In name of:
Networking Prf. of Nepal