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NPN is short for Networking Professionals of Nepal Pvt. Ltd., and has been established on 31 January 2007 (2063/10/17). NPN has been set up with Foreign Direct Investment and currently 100% of the shares are being owned by our foreign investors. Our operations are run in a 'European Style' under Dutch management.

NPN is a service providing organisation and offers solutions in the fields of

  • Internet Hosting (webhosting, developer hosting, reseller hosting)
  • Internet Services (VPN services, dedicated or distributed hosting solutions)
  • Networking solutions (Network Design, Implementation, Security, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting)
  • Outsourcing Solutions (Network / Server Monitoring, Software Development)

To provide the better Internet Hosting Solutions we have

  • High Quality Customer Care
  • Reliable Hosting Technology
  • High Availability Options
  • Extremely well connected Data Center
  • Highly Functional Administration & Management Tools
  • Backup Solutions
  • No Hidden Charges
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Mission:

Our mission is to continue the journey of expansion and professionalism thus delivering our clients with innovative solutions on reliable technology.

Current Offers:

Good News for all Internet Hosting Packages!

We have decided to drop all our setup charges on Internet Hosting Packages starting 01 July 2009.

Banking Information:

Since we are located in Nepal, with a point of presence in the Netherlands, we have set up bank accounts in both countries. The Nepal bank accounts are best used by our Nepali customers, the Dutch bank accounts are best used by our International customers.

Please click here for International Bank Account information.

Please click here for Nepali Bank Account information.